Shipping and Tracking

 1. How do I track my order?

All orders will be given the tracking number upon request, so please check our concierge and we’ll be more than happy to give it to you.

 2. How do I return my item?

Please bear in mind that we do not accept any returns except if the item is different from what you’ve ordered. If this happens, we wil send it back to you upon stock availability and it not,  store credit will be issued. 

 3. What if I do not accept my items?

This is a mayday! We’ll help you by calling the courier company and update you, but once the tracking number is released, we do not hold responsibilities for any missing or lost packages in the way.

 4. What if I receive the box not in the good condition?

We are so sorry to hear that but our packaging is wrapped in a good condition before it ships out as we do quality control. We do not hold responsible for any damages happen during delivery.

 5. What do I do if my product arrived damaged or defected?

We are sorry about this, but please contact our concierge and send along the photos, we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

 6. When will you ship my order?

All of our orders are processed in the next working day, Monday- Friday. Orders placed on weekdays after 6PM, or on weekends or holidays, will be processed the next business day. All Hello Alice products are shipped from Jakarta. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing your order.

 7. What courier company that you use?

We only use Si Cepat and TIKI for delivery purposes. For Gojek deliveries, please get in touch with us directly!


 Sizing & Care


1. How does Hello Alice fit?

Most of our products are free size, but don’t’ worry that if you’re unsure please contact our concierge for more information 

 2. Are Hello alice’s products waterproof?

We recommend that you avoid the rain because our products are made of natural products, such as wheatgrass, sisal, etc, and it’s best to keep them dry to keep them in a good shape longer.

 3. How do I keep my hats in shape?

Easy, do not fold the brim and just store them in a box and on a flat surface. This also applies when you pack your hat in a suitcase, stuff the crown with other stuff so that the brim is supported.

 4. Are Hello Alice’s products washable?

Our hats do not need to be washed, just clean it with damp clothes and hang them to dry.

 5. My hats are folded, how do I get it back to shape?

Breathe and you don’t need to tighten your seat belt, use a home steamer or ironing clothes covered by light clothe, and your hats will back to shape in no time.

 6. Do you accept repairs?

Please get in touch with us and send along the pictures. If you purchase the hats from us, then of course! Free repairs will only be given after 7 days you receive our products.


(Custom) Orders

1. Does Hello Alice ship internationally?

Yes, we do. Please contact our concierge for international order and shipment.

2. How do I update/cancel my order?

We are sorry to say that we are not able to cancel any orders made as we do not make any refunds. However, for any custom changes, please contact our concierge immediately because our orders are processed right away.

 3. I need my order to be processed urgent, is it possible?

Yes, definitely. We understand that travel sometimes can be a rush situation, and we will try our best to assist you in this situation. Please contact our concierge for any urgent orders.

 4. Do you accept any special custom order?

We love custom orders, please send along how custom you would like your hats be, we’ll try our best to make your dream hat come true!  Please note that there might be any additional charges for any custom order!

5. Do you accept any exchanges?

Unfortunately no, we do not offer any exchanges for any purchased orders.



 1. Do you do special wrapping?

Yes, we do! Our gift boxes are available for extra charges. Please contact our concierge for the box sizes.

 2. Do you have writing cards?

Unfortunately, we do not have special birthday/anniversary cards, but we do have postcards and we’ve got you covered! You still can say your wishes


Please get in touch with us directly if there’s still missing information or answers!